[Scene 1]

Skittles walks up to Oj, Oj Is playing a video game.

Skittles: “Hello.”

Oj ignores Skittles.

Skittles: “HELLO?!”

Oj ignores Skittles once more.

Skittles Slaps Oj.

Oj looks at Skittles.

Oj: “What do you want!?”

Skittle: “you owe me an apology.”

Oj: “apology for what?”

Skittle: “for killing me AND making us lose the challenge.

Oj: it’s your fault. If You’d have been tastier and we would’ve won.”

Music stops as we see a big close up of Skittles face. The Face is beyond disturbing.

Skittle: I hate you.

Skittle Walks away.

[Scene 2]

Glasses walks up to Button.

Glasses: Oh hey button!

Button: Hey. We finally got out of jail.

Glasses; good to know… hey, where’s breath mint?

Button: I told him to go annoy lamp

Shows lamp being annoyed by breath mint

Lamp screams

Glasses: “Why did you make him annoy lamp? Lamps a cool guy!”

Button: Well he’s just to, BRIGHT for my taste!


Glasses: Ok that's it i’m leaving.

Button: Wait! But I made ton of puns while in jail!

Button Pulls out a list, and Cuts to a closer shot of Button

Button: Here’s one. What did-

Black screen with the words “How about No?”

[Scene 3]

Lego and Phone and Sitting on a bench.

Lego: I’m so glad we won.

Phone: I know right.

Lego: Say, want to come to my house?

Phone: Wait, you have a house?

Lego: Yep! Comeon!

Phone and Lego walk to Lego’s house (It’s a cardboard box)

Lego: We’re here!

Phone: You seriously live in a box?

Lego: Yep!

Phone: Figures.

[Scene 4]

Starbucks walks up to Slingshot

Starbucks: Hey Slingshot!

Slingshot: Oh hello Starbucks. What’s up?

Starbucks: Nothin’ much. Just meh…

Slingshot: OK well what do you want to do?

Starbucks: Hmm.. Well, you know I've always wondered, could you launch me into the sea with your slingshot?

Slingshot: Oh yea, sure thing!

Starbucks is shot out of Slingshot

Starbucks is flying into the clouds

Starbucks: Oh my gosh! I’m i’m flying! WEEE-

His screams are cut off as He smashes into a massive rock

Awkward silence

[Scene 5]

Dollar and WAW sitting next to a bush

Dollar: Ugh! I’m so angry that we lost.

Oj walks by while they ramble

WAW: I know right. It’s all OJ’s fault.

Oj notices them

OJ: Why are you blaming’ it on me for losing, heck, why is everyone!?


Skittle come out of nowhere.

Suspenseful Music Plays

Skittle: Yea! Apologize!

OJ: Where did you come from skittle?! Wait, what’s a brain?

WAW: Oh my gosh, this is so stupid, someone please kill me now.

WAW gets shot

Cakey: Grapefruit!!

Grapefruit: What? He asked someone to kill him.

Cakey: Is everyone on this show stupid?


Newspaper (In the distance): Yes!


[Scene 6]

Ipad faces the contestants

Ipad: Hi everyone, stop your shenanigans! MLG Gangsters, It’s now time for the elimination!

Dollar: The elimination already? But it’s been barely like, 12 minutes since the last competition!

Ipad: No it hasn't, it's been over a month.

Dollar: Well how do you know that?

Slingshot: Yea? How do you? There’s no such thing as time here!

Dollar: Wait, there’s no such thing as time?

Ipad: wait, if there’s no such thing as time, then how do we know about time?!


Notebook Paper: I LIKE PIE!!!

[Scene 7 Part 1]

IPad: Welcome to the elimination MLG Gangsters! As you guys remember from last episode, OJ killed Skittle, and put him in your milkshake instead of M&Ms.

OJ: Shut up.

IPad: We have a total of 157 votes, With 66 likes and 92 dislikes. Let’s show the likes!

Shows likes

IPad: Dollar, you win the prize with 18 likes. Your prize is this picture of me.

Dollar: How is this going to help me at all?

IPad: I don’t know. I found it in my closet this morning.

[Scene 7 Part 2]

IPad: Let’s show the dislikes. Safe with 0 votes is Mirror.

Mirror: Wow. That was unexpected.

IPad: With 2 votes is Grapefruit, Elastic Band, WAW, and Bread.

Bread: I’m not disliked a lot! Yay!

IPad: Safe with 4 votes is Dollar. And safe with 5 votes is Skittle.

Skittle: Good thing OJ isn’t safe yet.

OJ: Hey!

IPad: Safe with 7 votes is Lamp and safe with 8 votes is Windows 7. Now we have the final two.

[Scene 7 Part 3]

Shows OJ and Ethan

IPad: OJ, losing the challenge for your team wasn’t really a smart choice to make. You should’ve thought twice.

IPad: Ethan: Even though you’re nice, people hate you because you aren’t an object. I guess it’s kind of understandable.

Shows TV

IPad: Enough chit chat! Let’s show the votes!

Shows votes

OJ: What?!

IPad: OJ, you have been eliminated with 36 dislikes. See you later!

OJ: Dang it! I knew it!

A giant bowling ball knocks OJ far away

OJ: Noooooooooooo!

IPad: We’re going to miss him.

Lego: Meh, I’m not.

Fade to black screen

[Scene 7 Part 4]

Shows an island surrounded by water

OJ: Ahhhhhhhh!

OJ hits the ground hard and brakes a little of his glass

OJ; Ugh. Wait a second.

Oj looks at a sign that says “Limbo Island”

Zooms out to show the island is in the middle of nowhere

OJ: Oh come on!

Fade to black

[Scene 8]

Dollar: Phew, glad that’s over.

IPad: Now, it’s time for the challenge! which is a bowling challenge!

Dramatic zoom out on the entire bowling alley

Bread: Wonderful. Boring.

IPad: I know right! Now some rules.

You will each individually have a turn of knocking down 10 pins for your team, the team with the most pins wins! Also, you only get one turn so let’s begin in 3, 2, 1, GO!

[Scene 9]

Grapefruit: Wait, how do I bowl? I don’t have any arms!

IPad: That’s your problem scrub. Now first up is cakey!

Cakey: Ew! These bowling balls are so greasy!

Cakey throws a ball, gets 2 pins.

Cakey: Oh come on! The ball was like unhygienic and all.

Cakey start texting

[Scene 10]

Ipad: Next is..

Newspaper Pops out of nowhere

Newspaper: Me! It’s my turn!

Newspaper Throws a ball, he gets no pins.

Newspaper: What? No pins!

Ipad Pushes Newspaper

Ipad: Get out of here! You already had your cameo!

[Scene 11]

IPad: Next is Lego!

Lego: OK. I can do this.

Lego drops the bowling ball

Lego: Um, this is too heavy.

Lightbulb appears above Lego’s head

Lego: Aha! I got an idea.

Lego grabs a soccer ball and kicks it hard

Soccer ball gets Lego 5 pins.

IPad: Well, I would consider that cheating, but who really cares? Lego gets 5 pins!

Lego: Meh, that could’ve been worse.

[Scene 12]

IPad: So, next up is Dollar!

Dollar: OK. Let’s do this!

Dollar throws bowling ball

Dollar knocks down 9 pins

Dollar: I won!! I won!!

IPad: No, you didn’t win. You only knocked down nine pins, and the challenge isn’t over yet.

Dollar: Dang it! Again!

[Scene 13]

IPad: Now we’re onto Button.

Button: Alright, gimmie a strike!

Button rolls bowling ball and misses every one.

Windows 7: You idiot!

Windows 7 slaps Button

Button: Wow! No need to.. Strike me!


Windows 7: Jesus, we need to win this challenge!

[Scene 14]

IPad: Windows 7, it’s your turn!

Windows 7: Now it’s time to show these nerds what it’s all about!

Windows 7 knocks down 9 pins

Windows 7: Oh yeah! I destroyed those pins!!

Button: Look at that lone pin! Good thing you spared his life!

Crickets as Windows 7 gives a death stare to Button

Windows 7: Button I swear to god I will stab you with a gun!!

Button: I don't think you can stab with a gun… nice shot though!!

[Scene 15]

IPad: Up next is WAW.

WAW: Ooo yay!

WAW throws the ball and gets 7 pins

IPad: So WAW gets 7 pins.

WAW: Not bad. At least I got more than stupid old Dollar.

Dollar: Hey!!

[Scene 16]

IPad: OK next is the kool aid man- huh?!

Kool Aid Man: Oh yeah!

Kool aid man throws and gets 1 pin

Kool Aid Man: Oh no!


IPad launches the kool aid man away

Kool Aid Man: ooooooooh yeaaaaaaaah!

Ipad: Geez, what is with all the guest characters?

Newspaper: Like Meeeeeeee?


Cuts to a black screen that says “2 Minutes later”

[Scene 17]

IPad: So next up is Glasses.

Glasses: Let’s go!

Glasses throws the ball and gets a strike

IPad: Wow. Impressive.

Glasses: Heck yeah! The Kool Aid man would be impressed.

Kool Aid Man flying through the sky

Kool Aid Man: *sniff*... Oh yeah.

[Scene 18]

IPad: Alright, so here are the current scores shown here!



  1. Mlg gangsters - 29
  2. Dank Memes - 19

IPad: The MLG Gangsters are 10 points ahead of Dank Memes! Dank Memes, get in the game. Only 15 contestants left!

[Scene 19]

IPad: Deadpool is up!


IPad: Of course. You're dead! I’m… just going to skip him. Yea.

[Scene 20]

IPad: So, next up is Bread.

Bread: OK, so I guess I could just give it a little… eh.

Bread pushes bowling ball a little bit

Bread: Um, it’s going too slow.

The ball speeds up super fast for some reason, and Bread gets a strike

Ipad: Wow. That was unexpected. Next is Lamp!

[Scene 21]

Lamp: I’m going to kill you pins!

Pins: No don’t kill us! We’re innocent!

Lamp throws, and doesn’t knock down anything, while pins are seen celebrating

Pins 1: Yay!

Pins 2 and 3: Yay Hooray!

Lamp: Bratty little pins… NEXT TIME, YOU GUYS!

[Scene 22]

IPad: Now we have Cup!

Cup: I’m about to get a strike! Just watch!

Cup knocks down 6 pins Cup: What?!

IPad: Not too shabby. Better than the others.

Cup: Well, I guess that’s better than nothing.

Ipad: And it looks like Dank Memes are stepping up.

[Scene 23]

IPad: Now Next up is Mirror!

Mirror: Let’s see what I can do since I barely got screen time last episo-

IPad: So Mirror gets 7 pins!

Mirror: But I didn’t even throw i-

Black screen with Text that says, “NOPE.”

[Scene 24]

IPad: Here we have Water.

Water: Come on baby.. Strike! Strike!

Water accidentally flops her arm and throws the ball at herself, shattering his glass

IPad: Ouch! Dank Memes, you guys are looking pathetic.

Zoom in on water, shattered on the floor

Water: Enh… uhgrh..

[Scene 25]

Ipad: Next up is Phone!

Phone: Heh heh… just a movement of a hand. How hard could this be? Pssh.

Phone knocks down 1 pin

Phone: Wha-what?! How was that so difficult?!

I demand a second try!

IPad: Sorry dude, that’s it for you.

Phone: Crap.

[Scene 26]

IPad: Now, next up is Starbucks!

Starbucks: Seeing how Phone and the previous contestants did, I should throw it hard, but not too hard.

Starbucks throws and get 8 pins

Starbucks: Meh, it could’ve been worse.

[Scene 27]

IPad: Next is Ethan.

Ethan: Let’s just get this over with.

Ethan throws the ball and gets 0 pins

Ethan: Why does life hate me so much?

IPad: I don’t know but that’s you’re problem. Probably your face.

Breath Mint: Yeaaa….. You have such a silly face!! Heh heh heeeeehh.

Close up of Ethan's face, hyper realistic and suspenseful music plays (Rickkidtoons will draw it)

[Scene 28]

IPad: Slingshot’s turn!

Slingshot: This’ll be a sinch. I don’t even have to get the bowling ball.

Slingshot shoot her metal ball and gets a strike

Slingshot: Yes! Strike baby! Wooo!

[Scene 29]

IPad: So next up is Skittle.

Skittle: Yay!

Skittle throws the ball and gets 4 pins

Skittle: That was awful.

Ipad: Doses it look like I care you piece of *insert bleep here*.

Skittle: God! You don’t need to be so rude about it.

[Scene 30]

Black Screen thats says “Four Minutes of the same Stupid Repetitive stuff later”

IPad: it’s Elastic Band’s turn.

Elastic Band: Ugh! This bowling ball is so heavy.

Elastic Band looks around to make sure nobody is looking

Elastic Band stretches her arm to hit all the pins and gets a strike

Ipad: Elastic Band! That is cheating. You are disqualified!

Elastic Band: But Lego used a soccer ball and you didn’t disqualify him!

Ipad: That’s because he had no arms, so I let him off the hook, and besides, that deliberate selfish cheating.

[Scene 31]

IPad: Now, it’s Notebook Paper’s turn.

Notebook Paper: Yeeeeyeooww!!!

Notebook paper throws, and gets a strike

IPad: Woah! What the heck?!

Notebook Paper: AAaauahuhhee!!

[Scene 32]

IPad: Breath Mint is up.

Breath Mint: Yay, I’m gonna get a spaaaaare!

Breath Mint misses all pins


[Scene 33]

IPad: Alright Grapefruit, you’re the last one.

Grapefruit: Ok then..

Windows 7: You had better get this one good!

Grapefruit: Just give me a second! Ok, aaand.. Throw!

Grapefruit throws, and gets 6 pins

[Scene 34]

IPad: That’s all the contestants! Let’s play a beautiful music video from the letter band while I add up the scores!

[Scene 35]

A: Now let’s rock!

Lights dim

A: The fitness-gram pacer test is a

B: Multistage aerobic

C: Capacity test.

D: That progressively gets

E: More difficult

F: As it continues.

[Scene 36]

IPad: Here are the scores! Dank Memes - 54… and MLG Gangsters - 56! Viewers, vote one of the Dank Memes to be eliminated, and one to win a prize.

Newspaper: AND Voting ends August 28th! Thanks for watching!

Ipad: HEY!


[Scene 37]

*Rickkidtoons Wrote this part*

Newspaper and Ipad are sitting on a bench. Its night time.

Ipad: See! You are too ruining the show.

Newspaper: So I'm ruining the show because i'm appearing in it too often as I was supposed to just have a cameo and that's it, and Because I'm annoying too?

Ipad: and you talk so loudly that you destroy people's ears.

Newspaper: Oh. Well I better get going goodBYE- (Ear rape)