Object Invasion was the Scratch exclusive that eventually became the now-popular Object Invasion

Object invasion cast picture by objectinvasion65-d9v2tnw

Reloaded which is the reboot.

Runtime Edit

The original show was created on January 17th, 2016 and ran all the way through March 29th, 2016 which was when the tenth episode was out. The series was rebooted on May 2nd, 2016 during production of the eleventh episode.

Useless Information Edit

Object Invasion was a show that started out with 8 contestants: Phone, Cup, Button, Water, OJ, Lego, Cakey, and Window. The episodes during that time were usually around 2 to 4 minutes in length (Which is actually quite long for a Scratch show) and they were animated in Vector. In Episode 2, BFDIA_Master added a character called Notebook Paper for a John Cena joke in that episode. And people loved him so much that he became an official contestant on the show, making the contestant number 9. Then in Episode 5, BFDIA_Master added another character called Dollar who acted as the "cool guy" in the series. In Episode 7, they had a recommended characters debut. The one winning was Doggy (Recommended by DoggyReturns). However, DoggyReturns said that he wanted his other OC, Grapefruit, to join instead because he didn't want a "non-object" in the show. So that's how Grapefruit joined. In Episode 12, Skittle, Glasses, Deadpool, and Breath Mint were suppossed to debut.

Voice Actors Edit

Phone - FusionAnimations

Cup - FusionAnimation

OJ - FusionAnimations

Lego - DoggyReturns

Button - Jjasmith

Water - Powersaver

Cakey - Pinkmermaid123

Mirror - ScotchU14

Notebook Paper - FusionAnimations

Dollar - DoggyReturns

Grapefruit - FusionAnimations

Breath Mint - FusionAnimations

Skittle - FusionAnimations

Glasses - FusionAnimations

Deadpool - He's Dead so He Doesn't Need a Voice Actor

Popsicle - Cormac Oliver

Orange Pentagon - PDDRMAnimationPro

Animators Edit













Cormac Oliver


Plot Edit

The plot was that Phone was working with a villain Icicle. And they all kidnap the contestants. Then it is revealed that they kidnapped Blue Planet and Window from Object Universe as well. Then Dollar finds a hole and the contestants escape the airplane which they were captured in. Then Phone was supposed to return and seek vengeance in Episode 12. It would've been a very boring plot. Expect something similar in the reboot...

Episodes Edit

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