Notebook Paper is one of the contestants in Object Invasion Reloaded.

Notebook Paper Idle

Personality Edit

Notebook Paper is very crazy and insane , and doesn't speak a lot of words. He likes to scream a lot, and he can get very annoying around contestants.

Trivia Edit

  • Notebook Paper was orignally a joke and wasn't going to be in the orignal OIR cast. However, the charater recived a lot of positivity and as a result he made it into the cast.
  • Notebook Paper had many voices throughout Object Invasion Reloaded. In the first episode, he was voiced by BFDIA_Master. In the second episode, he was voiced by Legoboynj Animations. Finally, in episode 3, he was voiced by AnimatedGalaxy

Friends, Oj Possibly before Episode 1 took place.

Enemies, Oj.