[Scene 1]

OJ: Hey Notebook Paper.

Notebook Paper: Yay!

OJ: Uh what?

Notebook Paper: Yay!

OJ: Can you shut up?

Notebook Paper: Yay!

OJ: Grrr…

(OJ kicks NP away)

[Scene 2]

Ethan: Hey Elastic Band.

Elastic Band: Um, what do you want?

Ethan: Nothing.

(Glasses walks on scene)

Glasses: Hey guys!

Elastic Band: Hey.

Glasses: What do you want to do?

Ethan: I don’t know.

[Scene 3]

Phone: Hey Cup!

Cup: Hey Phone, what do you want to do?

Phone: I don’t know.

Cup: Wanna go jump off a cliff?


Cup: Weeee!

[Scene 4]

Notebook Paper: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

(Notebook Paper crashes into Phone)

Phone: Ahhhh!

(Phone and Notebook Paper fall down the cliff)

[Scene 5]

Cakey: You are so stupid!

Mirror: Ha! Doubt it.

(Cakey punches Mirror)

Mirror: Ow!

[Scene 6]

Lego: Hey Water! How’s it going?

Water: Not too bad. You?

Lego: It’s going OK.

Water: Kewl.

[Scene 7]

Breath Mint: You’re purple!

Skittle: Uh no. I’m red.

Breath Mint: Nooo. You’re yellow.

Skittle: What?

Breath Mint: I told you! You’re blue!

Skittle: I’m going to go.

Breath Mint: Yaaaaaaa-

[Scene 8]

Starbucks: Um, Grapefruit? What was you doing?

Grapefruit: I’m watching a livestream.

Starbucks: Who is it by?

Grapefruit: BFDIA_Master.

Starbucks: Can I watch too?

Grapfruit: Sure.

[Scene 9]

(Livestream Audio)

[Scene 10]

Grapefruit: Cool right?!

Starbucks: Uh yeah.

*Starbucks walks away*

Grapefruit: Wow what a great guy!

[Scene 11]

Button: Hey WAW! Where are you going?

WAW: I’m going to the presidental election!

Button: Who’s in the race?

WAW: Donald Trumpet, Hilary Pickleton, and Berny Sandwich.

Button: OK, I’ll come.

WAW: Alright let’s go!

[Scene 12]

Lamp: Hey Bread!

Bread: Ugh! What is it now Lamp?

Lamp: Go stand near that lake.

Bread: Uh OK.

(Bread walks to lake)

Bread: So what now?

(Lamp pushes Bread into the lake)

Bread: Ahhhhhh!

(Scene 13)

Dollar: Hey Deadpool!

Deadpool: …

Dollar: Um. Deadpool?

Deadpool: …

Dollar: Whatever…

(Scene 14)

IPad: Hmm. I can’t seem to find any contestants to compete in my show.

Slingshot: Hey who are you?

Windows 7: Don’t be stupid! He’s obviously a tablet.

IPad: Um I’m actually an IPad.

Windows 7: You’re a meanie!

IPad: Um yeah.

(Scene 15)

Slingshot: But anyways, who are you?

IPad: Oh yeah! I’m IPad the host of this new object reality show called Object Invasion Reloaded. And I’m looking for contestants to compete in my show.

Slingshot: Well what’s the prize?

IPad: The prize is one billion dollars!

Slingshot: Woah! I want to compete!

OJ: I want to compete too.

Breath Mint: Me too!

IPad: OK so 23 contestants. One billion dollars. This is Object Invasion Reloaded.


(Scene 16)

IPad: So since I’m lazy, I will choose the teams with this slot machine.

Phone: How frickin’ original.

IPad: Anyways, let’s do this!

(Ipad pushes the lever)

(Lego is the first team captain)

Lego: Awesome!

(Dollar is the second captain)

Dollar: Nice!

(Scene 17)

IPad: So Lego and Dollar are the two team captains. And since I’m lazy again, I’ll play an unoriginal ad while Dollar and Lego pick the teams.

Lego: You need! To shut! The fu-


(Scene 18)

El Nudelo: Hello everyone so do you want to grow your Youtube channel incredibly?

Audience: Yeah!

El Nudelo: Well then go to Subpals! Where you can get subscribers really fastly and stuff!

Audience: Wow!

El Nudelo: Well you know what? This is stupid! Cut the tape!


(Scene 19)

IPad: So let me show the teams.

(Shows the teams)

IPad: So now let’s get to the first challenge!

Ethan: Finally!

IPad: So the challenge is to make a milkshake. The team that makes the best milkshake will be safe and the losing team will be up for elimination.

Lego: That doesn’t seem to hard.

IPad: Anyways, go!

(Scene 20)

Lego: Alright team. Let’s make a chocolate milkshake.

Cup: Where will we get the ingredients?

Button: Walmart obviously.

Lego: Yeah so Button, Cup, and Breath Mint will go get the chocolate from walmart.

Glasses: What will the rest of us do?

Lego: I don’t know. Just hang out until they get back.

Glasses: OK.

(Scene 21)

Dollar: So does anyone have any ideas?

Skittle: We could make an M&M milkshake.

WAW: That’s the best idea we have so let’s do it!

Dollar: Alright then. Now where do we get M&M’s?

(OJ kills Skittle)

Bread: OJ!

OJ: What?

Bread: You just kill our teammate!

OJ: Hey at least we got our milkshake.

Dollar: Well I guess we’re done then.

(Scene 22)

Cup: So what chocolate should we get?

Button: Hersheys. It’s the best chocolate for milkshakes.

Breath Mint: We should get Snickers bars and stuff!

Cup: Yeah we’re getting Hersheys so let’s grab it and go!

(Cup grabs the Hersheys stuff)

(5 Minutes Later)

(Scene 23)

(Cup runs onto the scene)

Lego: Cup! What happened?

Cup: We stole from Walmart! Now the cops are after us!

Lego: Where’s Button and Breath Mint?

Cup: Um… In Jail already.

Lego: Oh my god…

(Scene 24)

IPad: So contestants! Let’s see your guys’ milkshakes!

Lego: Here’s ours.

(Ipad drinks the milkshake)

IPad: That’s really good! Now Dollar’s team.

Dollar: Here you go!

(Ipad drinks the milkshake)

IPad: Bleh! That’s awful! What is in this?!

OJ: Skittles.

IPad: OK. Lego’s team definetly wins.

Lego: Yes!

Dollar: Dang it.

(Scene 25)

IPad: So viewers, vote on which contestant to be eliminated on the MLG Gangsters. Voting ends July 5th. Like for prize, dislike for elimination. Episode 2 will come whenever it’s done.

IPad: So see you guys next time on Object Invasion Reloaded! Thank you for watching!


(Scene 26)

(Shows Button and Breath Mint in Jail)

Button: Um. Hello?