Object Invasion-Episode 4 [Act One]: "Never The Same" is the first (out of 3) act of the fourth episode of Object Invasion Reloaded. It was released on February 12th, 2017 by FusionAnimations Productions

Plot Edit

Before the Elimination Edit

Newspaper is shown dragging Cup into a lumpy mountain thingy. (what is it?) Newspaper is then paid by a mystery object. Newspaper then asks the mystery object what he needs Cup for. The mystery object responds with,"That's none of your concern right now." Then, Newspaper says OK and screams bye. After the intro, Lego tells Water that Cup has disappeared. Then, they alert the team. Then, they tell iPad. iPad says he doesn't care and then Lego rants that Cup is missing, iPad doesn't care, and Cup could be dead. Then, he runs off searching for cup. iPad then introduces 2 new characters, Jelly Bean and Popsicle. The contestants then mingle with each other while iPad does host stuff. Starbucks checks Phone and tells him if his chip turns black, Phone dies. If it's red, he's alive. Phone then notices a bush rustling and discovers something shocking. Meanwhile, Pool and Lego have a heart-to-heart conversation and by the end, Lego feels better. Suddenly, they here a scream, and we discover the mystery object is attacking Phone! Then, Lego and Pool begin to RUN! Phone is then commanded to chase after them. Lego and Pool hide behind a tree, but Phone finds them. Then, they hide behind a bush and Phone runs past them.

Elimination Edit

iPad reveals that they got 509 votes, with 249 likes and 260 dislikes, which is WAY less than last time. Then, iPad announces there was a mistake in the voting poll last episode because he accidentally put WAW on the voting board, even though he was immune. iPad says that WAW has the opportunity to turn his likes to dislikes and give it to another contestant. WAW got the most likes, but since he turned his likes into dislikes, Skittles won the prize. The prize was a bag of candy, which Skittles turns down. WAW then gives his dislikes to Lamp. Ethan is revealed to have the most dislikes, but since WAW gave his dislikes to Lamp, Lamp has the most dislikes in total. Ethan is then arrested for murder and theft, so he is basically eliminated and Lamp is safe.

After the Credits Edit

Newspaper has a montage after the mystery object gave him money. (That happened earlier in the episode(the Newspaper is given money part, not the montage))

Trivia Edit

  • The episode is 15 minutes long.
  • This episode will most likely come out in February or March.
  • This episode will open a major story ark in the series.
  • FusionAnimation's channel banner as of November 10th, 2016, reveals that in this episode, viewers will find out if Cup will return, this has since been replaced with a more simplistic banner.