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• 8/23/2016

Why I quit animating for Object Invasion Reloaded.

Now I'm just gonna make this quick. I'm rickkidtoons on YouTube and I was a animator for OIR (Object Invasion Reloaded) I sent BFDIA_Master an important message that quit animating for him.

But does this mean I quit the show?


I'm still part of the team! I'm the current background artist (the guy who's made all the pretty stuff you see behind the Charaters) and I've also a major part of the plot for episode 2. I will still be writing for the show as well. So don't worry!

One day I might return to animating for the show, but I have other projects that I want to work on. Thank you for reading! Rick

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• 2/20/2018
Im GONNA miss YOU!
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